Hi, I'm Bruno, an 26 years old brazilian web developer with over 6 years of experience. Programming isn't just a job for me; it's a true passion and an art form. I love crafting innovative solutions and am constantly seeking to learn and improve because I believe in lifelong learning.

I have an dog named Luna, and working hard is my way of ensuring she has the best quality of life possible. I currently live in the the bar capital of Brazil and my hometown, belo horizonte, where I love the energy and the vibrance of this beautiful city.

I'm driven by challenges. I enjoy taking on challenging projects and being a part of the most important initiatives within the company I work for. With my dedication and experience, I'm always ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Bemobi • remote

Jan 2023 - present

Bemobi is an versatile company that provides a wide range of solutions across various industries. It operates in more than 45 countries.

Currently, my role is focused on the EIN team, which serves clients such as tiktok, facebook and many others.

I'm responsible for building technical solutions for the products that our clients request, which have a significant impact on the thousands of people who use these telecom operators.

Additionally, I provide support to the entire frontend division of the company.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Banco Inter • remote

Feb 2020 - Jan 2023 • 3 yrs

As a frontend developer at Banco Inter, I had the opportunity to work on various projects, with different teams and in diverse scenarios. I was involved from the initial definition stages through to the production delivery of dozens of products, always bringing a technical and analytical perspective.

I was part of the organization that initiated the first meeting focused on frontends within the bank, introducing innovations, standardization efforts, and ideas for improving code quality.

In the past year, I had the opportunity to lead a frontend team in the development of several screens that significantly enhanced the experience of internal bank users.

JavascriptTypescriptReactTeam ManagementPipelinesRefactoring
Frontend Engineer

Ânima educação • remote - local

Mar 2019 - Feb 2020 • 1 yr

At Ânima, I embraced a significant challenge focused on refactoring and improving one of the holding's most important systems, which was dedicated to teachers.

It's the system used by teachers and encompasses various functionalities, ranging from checking which subjects they will be teaching in the semester to being able to update their students daily regarding any changes in the ongoing course material.

JavascriptVueTeam ManagementRefactoring
Software Engineer

Criasol • remote - local

Mar 2018 - Mar 2019 • 1 yr

I began my career as a developer at Criasol, a software house that offered solutions for a wide range of purposes. During my time there, I had exposure to all aspects of software development, and as a result, I have built a strong foundation in all these areas

My responsibilities included database design, API development backend, client-side development frontend, deployment, DNS management, log maintenance, and overall system maintenance.

This broad experience allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire software development process, from start to finish.